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"I think that many of your readers dream of building their own home, but for various reasons think that it would be out of reach (fear of architects, contractors, going over the budget, and the like). I would love the opportunity to show that with a modest budget a sense of adventure, and a responsive, creative design-build team, it can be a fun and fulfilling reality!"

-- Soto McNett client letter to editor
Golf Course Home

We built our first house as Soto McNett Construction in 1988.
It retains functionality and a like-new appearance because of application of universal design principles, quality construction and materials and careful detailing.

Northwest Style with European Influence

Built on a steep hillside with views of Puget Sound and the Olympics, this home reflects the owner’s desire for beauty and functionality. The home is an expression of the "Not So Big House" philosophy which promotes smaller size with higher level detail. It is built with precision, quality and durability in every feature.

Island Living

This island home takes advantage of views of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands to the west, and Mt. Baker to the east. It is light, bright and airy. There is a greenhouse where citrus trees thrive and bear fruit, cubbies and nooks for grandkids, and a second story loft for play, work, exercise and night sky viewing. This is truly idyllic island living.

Cozy Cottage

This home is designed to be serene, existing in harmony with it’s lush natural environment. It was positioned to be on axis with an aerie, as well as to take advantage of the southern exposure and views of the clearing and woods beyond, and with a few strategically positioned bird feeders, the house has turned into an excellent bird watching experience. The materials and details are understated. The windows are over sized in order to maintain connection to the natural environment.

Meadow View

Designed to take advantage of a beautiful location with west facing territorial views, this home has an open floor plan, abundant windows, cross hipped roof with large overhangs, and a detached outbuilding.

Farmhouse with a Twist

The exterior is reminiscent of a farmhouse, but the inside is full of surprises. The downstairs is designed around two simple joined rectangles, containing an angled open post and beam system that creates dynamic and interesting spaces throughout the house. There are ever changing light patterns and views to the outside as one moves through the home.

Shingled Beach Home

This is a wonderful elegant yet casual home that, even with area and height limitations, was built to comfortably accommodate an active family. The home takes advantage of Samish Bay views by the incorporation of high ceilings and expansive windows. Doors open to a large deck to extend the living area for guests and outdoor activities. The loft opening mirrors the shape of the windows, allowing views out from the upper floor.

Channel Home

A design unique to the owner’s penchant for Northwest, Asian and Scandanavian sensibilities, fine craftsmanship, beautiful materials, and an exceptional site make this home remarkable. The master suite is upstairs, but if ever needed, there is an accessible bedroom and bathroom on the first level as well as a ramp to a secondary access, making this a home for a lifetime.

Sunny Samish Island Rambler

Abundant windows take in the beautiful south facing view of Padilla Bay. The home is protected from excess solar gain in the summer by use of trellis structures, one of which also creates a cool sitting and entertaining place. The main living areas - kitchen, dining/sitting and living - are connected and flow together but feel distinct from one another by use of varying ceiling treatments and transitional archways.

Hillside Home

Built into a slope, this family home with garage, shop and accessory dwelling below, takes advantage of views and southern exposure from every major room. It is colorful, playful and comfortable for a few or for many.

Bayside Lodge

The owners of this home had been coming to their beach cabin for some time when they decided to replace it with a permanent residence. They knew their site well and had built a number of homes in the past, so they had a fairly clear notion of what they wanted: A lodge feel with wood siding, rustic beams, plank flooring and generous tile surfaces. The main living areas open onto decks with wide overhangs on the west, there is a view from the kitchen to their well tended mature gardens, a second floor for bedrooms and master suite, also with a covered deck. "Universal" or "Aging in Place" features include a space allocated for a future elevator, a no threshold entry and a roll in shower.

House in the Forest

While backing up to public forest land, this home also has an open view from the main rooms toward Samish Bay. There is abundant space for a variety of activities, including socializing, a woodworking shop opening to the garden, and a large quilting studio with high ceilings facing the view for inspiration, work and display.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor space used here describes the areas between enclosed living space and the landscape. These spaces add increased functionality and/or expanded living space, while also providing visual interest in the form of detail, scale, light and shadow.

Before and After

Several remodeled buildings from the exterior.


A home may be energy efficient, well built and functional, but character and uniqueness, playfulness, continuity and personal expression is all in the details.


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